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How do I contact you?

Please send us an email to: support@getprofitsfast.com (mailto:support@getprofitsfast.com)

How do I hyperlink 1MS order button with my Zaxaa order url?

From 1MinuteSites sales page or any other sales page creator you're using, you hyperlink your order button with the Zaxaa order url of your product. You can find your order url as below: 1. Go to your Zaxaa product settings >> integration...

How to use my own favicon?

You need to enable Custom Favicon addon. Go to Addons menu > and turn on Custom Favicon addon. Then edit your page > Go to right panel editor > find and click Custom Favicon > upload your favicon OR simply paste your favicon URL (You have uploa...

How to change page URL?

Simply click the page name and your page editor > change your URL > Done > Update your page. Take a look: http://screencast.com/t/YB4RUpwE

How to use my own buttons and images?

First, you need to upload them to image hosting (search "image hosting" in google and you will get many options). Then, insert the URL of your buttons and images into your 1MinuteSite page. Take a look: http://screencast.com/t/W49KuFVpZ (http...

The sidebar/top navigation for Product Launch pages is uneditable. Why?

For Product Launch pages, the sequence of your pages are automatically arranged and displayed based on your Product Launch settings. Hence, you do not need to edit any of the sequence. The only thing you can change here is the thumbnail of th...

How to add a link on 1MinuteSites page

Please refer to: http://screencast.com/t/MUrDSSrWB05

Can 1MinuteSites work with my payment processor/gateway/PayPal?

1MinuteSites is a landing page creator, not a payment processor/gateway or shopping cart. Basically, you can use whatever payment processor/gateway you want. Simply link over the buy button provided by us to whatever buy url you want. You ...

How to remove the "powered by 1MinuteSites" footer text link?

Simply go to: Settings >> General >> turn off "Enable powered by text link ". Take a look: http://screencast.com/t/rP4GCZkxx  

Where is the members area for 1MinuteSites?

The members area (where you can create and manage your pages) is here: https://www.1minutesites.com/login (https://www.1minutesites.com/login)